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It all started with me 'falling in love' with my mother's jewelry like every little girl. 

Unlike every little girl, I was mesmerized by how jewelry created a world of endless imagination and wanted to have 'Jewelry' surrounding my life.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I studied & lived in England for eight years where art, photography & textiles came into my life. I still had jewelry on my mind, but I didn't know where that thought would take me until I discovered Florence, Italy. 

For three years, I lived in Florence studying, learning and teaching traditional jewelry design/making. 

In 2009, I moved back to Datca, south of Turkey, a small town by the sea where I can create & be with nature.
I live in small house/studio with a sea view with my cats & dogs.
Being close to my family gives me the strength and courage to keep creating whatever comes by.
While I design/make jewelry, I also love being involved with black & white photography, painting and writing. 

I believe that in everything I create, there is a piece of me, my thoughts and feelings. 

Sharing what we create is a way of existing within ourselves and within the universe.

Thank you :)

About Me

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